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Lolita's Legacy INTENSIVE SUMMER COMPREHENSIVE Pilates certification in Scotland

The course is a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course which means that you will be trained on all the Pilates Apparatus as well as the Matwork.  This is the gold Standard of Pilates Teacher Training. 

The only difference is that we teach each of the systems in one stretch, i.e. Matwork over 9 days; System I over 7 days; System II over 7 days; System III over 4 days.

Lolita is one of the original Pilates elders and is the only person alive who was qualified by Joseph Pilates himself.  All our educators have spent two years on an Advanced Pilates Course with her in Florida as well as extra training to become Legacy Educators.  Therefore, all Educators carry the distinction of being 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher.  You would come out of Lolita’s Legacy as a 3rd Generation Pilates Teacher, a very uncommon title, and you would be able to interview for a job at any Pilates Studio in the world with her certificate.  

Here is a link to our website for more information:   http://www.balanspilates.com/teacher-training/

This particular course runs for about 12 months and costs £4,999. After an initial deposit of £500, payments are made in four instalments or by monthly standing order.

There is no other course in the UK (and none in Italy) which provides this level of connection to the real work of Joseph Pilates. You notice this advantage throughout the course; it is the main difference that Lolita has been able to build into the course, having drawn on her more than six decades of experience of teaching Pilates.  It is also very special to be part of Lolita’s world-wide community. 

Lolita is a tough task master, but a fair one, and you will be very proud to have completed Lolita’s Legacy Training should you choose to come on board. 

Here are some of the benefits of this course over many others: The course is condensed into 4 blocks of Intensive training Students receive a discount on workshops and classes at our Studio This Comprehensive course will get you trained up faster and less cost than if you were to do the same level of Mat and Apparatus training via the modular route You will graduate as 3rd Generation Pilates Instructor  

You are very welcome to come and visit me at the Studio in Perth to discuss the course and look at the excellent training manuals.  It is a big commitment of both time and money and it has to be the right move for you.  Of course, we can also chat online, and I can give you a facetime tour. After all your hurdles in achieving your dream so far I also wanted to assure you about doing the course with us.  We have an awesome International Educator Brittany Taylor flying over from the USA to teach the Matwork portion, and I will invite another International Educator of a similar calibre to teach the January block. 

The other two blocks will be taught either by me personally or by a mix of Laura Weavers and Sabrina Simpson, both of whom are based locally and excellent teachers. 

In short, the course will go ahead whether one or the other of us gets ill, moves away, or can’t teach for any reason. 

My business has been established for over 12 years and we are currently looking to expand our premises, so the business is not going anywhere. 

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